July 14, 2013

Bring Him Home Guided Jeff to His Dream

Jeffrey loved Broadway. From the first smashing of the cymbals in Miss Saigon to the ripping plots of Wicked. Unluckily though, he was born into a Chinese family with a firm grip to their past. Broadway for them was plain wasteful. Jeffrey knows it would be difficult for them to accept his dream, so he slowly started letting go of it.

Marielle, his girlfriend, saw an interesting post in the newspaper. She couldn’t control her excitement, she bolted immediately to his house almost screaming the announcement. It was a call to audition for Les Miserables. She was disappointed that he wasn’t as excited as she was. And very livid when he said he wasn’t even going to consider trying.

Marielle knew that Jeffrey wanted to do this, dreamed of it since he was a boy. His voice was exquisite, she knew he will get the part. She believed it so much that a week later she surprised Jeffrey with a midi interface. She set it up in her house and brought him there to record. She told him to go ahead and make an sample cd of her favorite song. She told him, that even if his family does not understand him, she was there for Him. Touched by what she gave him, and moved by what she said. Jeffrey bravely sang Bring Him Home. He sang it for his who gave him a reason to believe again in his Dream. Jeffrey landed the role of Jean Valjean.

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