May 26, 2013

A Music Lesson for Free

On my way to school, I always chance upon a man on the street that plays a classic baritone saxophone. He does not ask for any coins or alms. He just plays on the streets to his heart’s content, even accommodating song requests from passersby. At one time, I even stopped to listen to him and he even winked at me. Yesterday, after my class, I went home early and passed by the man who plays. He was sitting on the bench and cleaning his instrument. My curiosity got to me so I walked up to him and talked to him.

I found out he lives alone within my neighborhood. He said that he learned to play when he was twelve. I asked if I could touch his instrument. He offered to teach me every weekend for free if I wanted to. He could use some company, he said. I was rushing back home to tell my parents about my day.

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