March 27, 2013

A Treat for Thanksgiving

I got a promotion for a managerial position yesterday. As thanksgiving, I took my closest officemates out for a treat after the office hours. We went to the nearest Japanese Restaurant where I already had a reservation. I chose the place because the ambiance is nice for dinner and the dishes they serve really taste good and worth the price.

Among my office mates are my college best buddies Laura and Pia. When we finish school, we applied together in one company and were fortunate to be chosen and got hired. Since then, we never thought of leaving our workplace because we found assurance and are settled with all the compensation they are giving us. While eating, everyone expressed their support and encouraged me for my new position. I also took the chance to thank them for being nice to me when we were still in the same status and gave each of them a gift of appreciation for the friendship we already have established. After that fun dinner, our friendship became more open and has turned to the next level. We now made it a weekly habit for fun and enjoyment.

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