March 27, 2013

How Much Do One Love Books?

Books they say are not that necessary in this modern world of technology. Old record books of every national and state archive are being replaced with computerized and encoded records. To save on papers to save the few trees that abound the earth lawmakers encourage computerization of records and paper works. Even novels are now written and sold via the newest modern millennium technology Internet. E books are the newest trend of selling the oldie paperbacks, best-selling novels and even school references.

How books are regarded today favors two sides of the same face. Some would say that books are not that necessary and only limited facts and information are penned into them. Books are not updated regularly with the latest and the most important development said another group of voices. Arguments of how much value should be put into books could go on and on with the two side unable to meet in the middle to compromise. If all of these arguments in favor of computerization and internet technology are true. How come my daughter researching for national folk dances of the olden times hadn’t got anything valuable from the internet? She twists and turned every possible key word queries still nothing happened. What she did was go to the local state library and consulted the aging librarian who smelled of musty leather and was given a very heavy and thick encyclopedia for all the world’s recorded folk dances. She got what she wanted and was able to do their report for their PE dance subjects. They are the only group who showed with a well written and very comprehensive report. Now who says books need to be updated regularly.

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