February 11, 2013

How About a Gem or a Jewel?

Accessories are part and parcel of a complete dress up look. Whenever there is a need for new apparel tendency of looking for matching accessories is 99% certain. Accessorizing doesn’t fall into age group categorization. No look is complete with nothing on your wrists, ears or neck. Put something on, even just a very tiny pearl earring or a very thin necklace if you label as vulgar a pea sized stud earrings and a 5 cm thick necklace. As minimal is the wanted look everything depends on the fashion gist the wearer has.

A friend had delivered a baby through cesarean section. Everything was prepared for a little boy because that was what showed in the ultrasound. The baby turned out to be a very cute little girl. Everything was blue and white from the booties, baby clothes and all. No choice however but dress the baby up with all of the blue things. An aunt put a little pink bracelet on the baby’s wrist to offset all the blue things. That was the only pink item on the baby plus the baby tag. That was 9 years ago, to this very month. Well I have here a very fashion conscious young lady that toddle along to every event with me. She was that blue clad new born of nine years ago. She loves to come over here to the house on the other side of their fence that I own because of all the items on the dressing table. Her response to my every urge to eat breakfast was “How about you give a gem or a jewel?”

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