April 7, 2013

Friend till the End

Her white-toned skin was being intensified as the strips of black hair flow behind her neck and in front of her face. The first time I met her was when I was alone in my room cursing my mom for not letting me go into my friend’s birthday party. She suddenly appeared in front of my bedroom door accompanied by a strong gust of wind. We exchanged greetings until I found out about her and what she truly is.

She lived in our house before it was renovated and she was in the same room as mine. She seldom talks but she was fun to play with. She said we can be friends until we die, or until I die. My mom didn’t know that I was with her for quite a few years now. Since the day I met her, after classes, I would immediately went to my room to play with her. I think she will be my friend till the end because she promised me that we can play, forever.

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