April 17, 2014

The Social Media Ranting

Sometimes we think irrationally out of anger. How many times have you seen people rant on Facebook and Twitter? We see them all the time, some have weird ways of saying things and others just let out the anti-social side in them burst.

Should we be happy about these? Of course you would say that it’s no way good to see people’s rants on our newsfeeds but social media has feelings, they even have more feeling now than watching drama series. Because of social media we are able to express something that we cannot express in reality; because reality is scary and with social media we think that it’s alright to say things we want to say because they are not able to see our weaknesses.

That in reality we tremble saying those things or worse we can never mellow down our feelings and instead of saying it we let our fist do the talking. So I guess online rants are for weak people who either cannot deal with their anger or scared enough to face the people they want to convey their feelings to. We can’t be strong all the time so all we could is just rant about.

April 10, 2014

Sleep Just Keeps Evading Me

I’ve been feeling quite tired recently. I think this is because I lack sleep. Even if I try to sleep early, I still end up waking up at two in the morning and not having a complete 8 hours of sleep.

The end result is that I still feel exhausted to the point that I have trouble breathing. I haven’t turned to Google for self- diagnosis but I sure hope this isn’t anything serious. I’m just trying to look for ways to adjust by calming myself and trying to relax with a good book. And then hopefully, my body clock fixes itself so that I could get the whole 8 hours of sleep and I could get well- rested.

It’s really difficult going to work without energy. It’s like battling against myself while struggling with a load of tasks. It’s also just bad timing because I would really love to finally get that promotion and I don’t want my boss to use my health as another reason to delay it.

In Case You Need it

My mother once owned a wooden trunk. She used to put her most valued things there – old pictures, jewelries and dresses she valued during her single years. My father surprised her of a house and lot he purchased in Miami. Mother put her trunk in the attic and totally forgot about it.

Now, have me and my 2 brothers Paul and Jericho. Jericho will be married in a month’s time and I will be his bride’s maid of honor. Mother remembered her old jewelries. She said it’s time I wear them. We went up to the attic and found her wooden trunk in good condition. All her valuables are fine and safe. She got an idea that she will give me and my brothers a Steel Case of our own. Said these things last and we keep our own valuables in them.

February 16, 2014

Watching Soccer Until Midnight

I am not a soccer fan. There I said it. I guess almost 80 percent male loves that game. Women don’t understand why their boyfriend, brother of husbands watch that game like a maniac. I know that there are women who also love the game. But, I don’t like to watch the game until midnight and lost my beauty sleep. Well, for one, my sister is soccer mania and she always watches the game especially the world cup.

It doesn’t matter whether the game is at midnight or 2 o’clock in the morning and she has a job in the early morning. She still watches the play and wake up sleepily in the morning. I just thought that it’s not worth it. But, she insisted that it is. I can’t argue with a maniac. When I asked her what the reason she watched until early morning, she said because she wanted to watch the handsome soccer player. I think it is a shallow reason, but I have to give my thumbs up for her passion.

One Way To Say Sorry

My brother Larry and I used to be tight. However, one incident made us fight and because of that, we did not talk for ages. It created a huge rift in our family. Back when we were in college, I took Larry’s precious guitar and sold it online so I could have money for a date. When Larry found out, he never spoke to me again.

I did not even ask his forgiveness because I was ashamed. After many years, I decided that enough was enough. It was time for us to be brothers again, so I set out to replace what I took. I went online, had a great purchase vamd 02 mini dreadnought at musicians friend, and came knocking on my brothers door. I gave the guitar to him, said I was sorry, and he forgave me just like that. The guitar definitely convinced him.