August 5, 2015

Flamingo the love dance and the graceful birds

In Spain Flamingo is a dance of courtship and love. It is always danced at gatherings to enliven it. In ancient times Flamingo was started at Andalucia, Spain from the music of the Andalusian and the dance styles of Romani music. Flamingo dancing then spread far and wide even reaching and becoming popular in Japan. The UN community even gave it a title for the Heritage of Humanity as the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible.

The dance was born in Spain yet the bird can be found mostly in Africa South America and in Southern Europe’s warm areas and also in Western Asia. The Flamingo as a dance or as the birds can reach far and beyond connecting territories. They are spread across the four continents in places that are warm and can easily make blood hot ready for love and romance. The flamingo dance closely resembles the way Flamingo birds interact with each other to signal courtship and mating.

July 15, 2015

Winter Gets A Style Boost With The Nobo Radiator

One of the most ingenious pieces of technology innovation recently has been the patio heater. Many patios and ski lodges have found new life as party and relaxation magnets by allowing people to enjoy the beauty of winter while being surrounded by nature without suffering the negative effects of cold wind at the same time. The Nobo Radiator takes that humble technological invention and gives it a stylish millennial twist.

The Nobo Radiator is an electronic heater which is in the circular approximation of a classic natural fire pit. Instead of spending many hours digging one and dealing with heavy smoke and ash, you can plug in the the Nobo Radiator. This heater has the added bonus of playing videos of flickering flames within its glass logs, and allows you to control the flames’ height, speed and color with a tap of a touch wheel.

A Totally Wrong Assumption

When I asked my brother what he wanted for his college graduation gift, he mentioned the words ak 48. Let me tell you that I had no idea what he was talking about. I merely gave my consent over the phone because I wanted to satisfy him. Admittedly, the first thing that came to mind was a gun.

Because my brother was a hunting enthusiast, not to mention the nature of the name, I thought the ak was a Glock. To my surprise, the item in question was an acoustic guitar. It had a mean sounding name and from what I gathered, a cool tone to match its identity. It was a good thing that I did my research first before buying or I would have disappointed my brother.

June 15, 2015

Travel the World

Traveling provides opportunity to meet the whole world in person. There is no greater way than that. Lots of people love to travel and spend larger money amounts on it but sometimes just few miles from home means great experience and story to tell afterwards. So you don’t have to be rich to travel just the kind of person who will make the first step.

When I was single girl traveling was opportunity to meet not only the world but the right man too. So I traveled a lot and found some interesting guys after all but more important was I’ve got to know other’s customs and beauty of Earth’s diversity. I am sun person so enjoyed better at south but that didn’t stop me from going north either. I was curious and had to find out what is like there. So I experienced north in winter and the polar night too. It’s strange when day begins at 10 am and finishes at 3am and I must admit I could never live in such place. But it was great to see and not to be curious anymore. People were great though and I would love to visit them again, maybe during summer holidays next time.

June 12, 2015

Solving Problems By Using Clearance

As an event organizer, I have seen and solved a lot of problems in the field. One of the most common difficulties when it comes to the decoration is the table set-up. Sometimes it does not compliment the theme of the event. There is one easy trick to remedy this. Instead of changing the flowers, d├ęcor, or tableware, it is easier, not to mention cheaper to buy new tablecloths.

A go-to store of mine is They have a clearance section there that allows me to purchase beautiful tablecloth for less the price. I just need to match the cloth with the theme color, and voila! The problem is now solved. I didn’t even get stressed, plus my team can use the tablecloth for other events.