January 2, 2015

Reality VS Imagination, Which One Do You Prefer?

In the world of imagination, everything is possible. You can watch pig flies, you being your own hero or heroine, riding a cloud, making yourself the strongest person, having super power, anything. But, in reality, those things don’t exist. You have to work hard to achieve your dream. Is it fine to over imagine something? That depends. I love to roam free my imagination every time I want to come up for my book inspiration.

But, after creating a world of imagination of my own, I hardly return to reality. I know that sometimes I wonder off during lunch or dinner to create a plot in my head. Maybe, my other self as a writer makes my imagination unlimited, but I am still living in the real world. And, in the real world, if you imagine too much, people will think you are crazy. So, the question is, if I have given the ability to fly, would I use that ability? Yes, of course. But, reality is different. I can wish all I want, who doesn’t want to be rich, beautiful and successful? The problem is in reality that is impossible, so I have to make peace with the reality and let the imagination becoming my indulgence instead.

December 9, 2014

It's A Small World After All

Well, it’s a small world after all. I went to Hong Kong Disneyland and took a ride on the “it’s a small world” journey where there is hundreds of doll dancing from each country in the world. It is entertaining and also fun. The journey takes about 10 minutes using a boat. We get to see doll dressed up with the icon of every country in the world.

The concept itself is really great. The children surely will love it and parents can educate their children of the world custom from a single 10 minutes journey. The song is really catchy and I heard Richard Sherman who wrote that song originally wanted that song for unity of a nation on the world war. It’s a lovely song. I think if we think small we can see the big in the world. The world is full of wonder and exploring it will be a worthwhile journey.

Plug and play devices have made life easier

I have three childhood friends who are well established in their profession. The only common thing among us is music, we all love music since our childhood. Few years back we decided that we will have our own music band. Since then we meet every weekends and play music. We play guitar, drum and sing our favorite songs. One of my in the band suggested to get an audio interface which will aid in connecting all these devices.

We started finding the right device which will help in integrating all the music devices. We searched online and found a couple of very interesting audio interfaces. These devices are not very expensive and can be connected to a computer using the usb port. Technology has really made our life much easier than ever before.

November 21, 2014

It’s Always the Thought that Counts

Sometimes it’s nice to feel nostalgic. Just like the other day, when my husband and I were looking at our old photos and memorabilia, it felt like we were reliving our love story. We even found our “unofficial” engagement ring—this was one of the cheap promise rings that you could get at an arcade as a prize.

We also found the love letters he used to give me out of the blue. I am really lucky to have such a loving husband who knows that he doesn’t have to buy expensive gifts to show he loves me. He’s all about the little things, things he knew I would love. That’s the reason why I fall in love with him every single day.

November 17, 2014

Learn About The Professional Photography Through Reliable Software

You don’t have to be a photography expert for taking the most exciting photographs, since you have the complete software for editing your photographs. You are lucky to have the Movavi software, which is the most important software for producing wonderful pictures. Even if you have an average camera, you need not to worry, since you can upgrade your pictures, with the guidance from the software. Though the software has been named as the photo editor software, it does everything for improving the quality of your pictures. In fact, some of the tools are highly complicated and you may need several weeks to learn about the applications. On the other hand, the simply designed editing software is a great choice to edit photos.

Economic al Way Of Producing Impressive Photographs:

This photo editing software is not expensive and you can afford to buy from the Movavi company, directly. You have to complete downloading from the website and the procedures are very simple for you to handle. In minutes, you can download and as soon as your software is on your computer, you are ready for editing the photos. Removing the unwanted background is the most important aspect in enhancing your picture and there are easy steps to erase the unwanted elements. In most of your pictures, you can find shadows, random persons and unwanted objects and these have to be removed completely. Using the editing software is very convenient and you have to do what the instructions say.

Shooting Pictures And Pleasure In Editing:

When you shoot pictures, you may be concentrating with lighting, adjusting the zoom lens and you cannot control others crossing your camera. At times, you may have to shoot your pictures, with other people, who are not connected with you. If you upload the pictures, with the same state, you may have to answer your friends, who they are. Just apply the eraser and remove them from your pictures. While editing the pictures, you need to be sure with the brightness and contrast and it is possible to reduce or increase these, with the specified tool. In fact, picture editing is very interesting, since it does not take time and further, no knowledge in picture editing is required.

Professionally looking photographs with the software:

  • You can instantly remove unwanted objects from the picture
  • Removing the power lines is very easy 
  • You can upgrade the pic with required brightness 
  • You can change the colors of the background
  • You may upload the photographs, after resizing the pictures, which are suitable for publishing

Easy To Become A Wonderful Photographer:

The Movavi software helps you in all aspects and the day is not far away for you to become a professional and popular photographer. When you are with editing knowledge, you can make very good photographs, using the advanced technology that is available with the software. You do not require a huge amount for your software and you can browse the website of the company to buy the incredible picture editing software.