August 12, 2014

Classical Guitar Concertos in UP

The Philippines is all about music. This country is absolutely lyrical, from the birds to the electronicas. Being Spanish influenced for the longest of time, the Philippines is also inclined to classical guitars. One of the top leading guitarist in the classical category is Lester Demetillo and he will be holding a mini concert on February 27 in UP College of Music.

Exciting and simply much awaited Faculty Concert Series in UP will be the perfect kick of the summer concertos in the metro. Ever since this event started these series of concertos are probably the most exciting events in the classical music scene.

Lester Demetillo will be featuring musical ingenuous works of Jacques Bondon Concerto con Fuoco, Concierto del Sur of Manuel Ponce and John W. Duarte’s Inseime op.72. There will also be a Piano accompaniment only by the equally great Professor Geraldine Gonzales.

I for one will be first in line for this, I cannot wait to watch them and get romanced on the most romantic month.

Feel the Beat of the Drums and Percussions

A lot of different aspects help define the most suitable type of drums and percussion to select from before buying. So, it’s essential to know all the types that are available in the market and what they’re exactly meant for. Furthermore, having some familiarity with the history of any musical instrument offers a better understanding.

Drums are essentially types of percussion that allude to musical instruments that create sound when scrubbed, shaken, or tap. As stated by some anthropologists and historians, percussion were the oldest type of musical instruments invented by humans. The percussion instruments are classified into different groups depending on how they’re played and the kind of they’re producing. In order to see the different types and models of this instrument, check out

July 18, 2014

How long should I date someone?

I recently entered a whole new level of relationship with someone. We are not yet officially on a relationship but we are dating. I ask myself, “How long should I date this guy before saying yes to him?” I like this person very much but I wanted to know him more first.

It has been 3 weeks and he had been wonderful. He’s a gentleman and kind. He always hold the door for me, which I find really sweet. Falling in love is a great factor for me to start a relationship. I wanted to know and feel that he really loves me before I say yes.

I wonder if it will take several months or I will wake up tomorrow knowing that I already fell for him. Or maybe I will not know it until it’s almost too late. I just want him to stay a little longer and get to know me more. I guess we really maximize the point of dating after all.

My First Business Opportunity

As a single mother I always make sure that I have enough to provide for my kid’s need. I am never at ease that I have only one job to sustain both our needs. That is why I make sure that I have a couple of other extra small jobs on the side.

That is when I thought of opening a small retail business of handbags at wholesale. I have a very close friend who owns a bag factory so I can get their products at a lower price. I have been doing this business for almost 6 months now. So far I’m doing good. I have couple of regular customers and I even have a small space on our city’s weekly bazaar. I am so thankful and blessed for this wonderful opportunity that was given to me.

May 15, 2014

Goal for this Year

For this year I have been thinking of starting my very own business which definitely involves food. It can either be baked, fried, boiled, grilled goodies. I just know that I can make this kind of business grow with my passion for eating and my dedication for cooking, I know I can.

Here are my ideas. Since as of the moment I am lacking necessary baking instrument essentials, I will start with no bake goods. I’ve been thinking about making small servings of no bake cakes and cheesecakes in a jar. Then I also thought about doing cake pops that can be customized according to the clients’ needs. I have also given a thought on doing different kinds of sandwiches that I can sell in schools and office pantry as well. I have been doing a lot of thinking as you can see.

My goal is that by the end of this month I will be able to start this small business officially. Nothing can stop me from reaching this dream of becoming my own boss.