November 9, 2015

No Protein Overload Please!

Do you know that the average individual these days eats six times more protein that needed? These sources usually come from animals. Protein is essential as it is one of the three necessary macronutrients for humans. But as they say, too much of it can be bad for one’s health.

Doctors themselves do not advice practicing the “more protein, less carbs” diet. It’s because of the thought that excessive amounts of protein can build more muscles. However, too much intake of protein-rich food such as fatty meat can cause obesity and diabetes. The excess fats from these meats can also contribute to poor digestion and disproportion of nutrients needed by the body.  

October 7, 2015

Let Go and Be At Peace

Every one of us has been wounded at some point in our lives. And I mean emotional woundedness. We tend to cling to painful memories which weigh us down and eventually become a burden. I have come to the realization that true healing comes only when we surrender and let go. We can begin to experience an incredible feeling of lightness from within when we deliberately and intentionally lay down the burden.

The act of surrendering and letting go is not easy. We may need the help and support of trustworthy friends or even counselors. Most important of all, we need God in the process. It is to Him that we are actually laying down our burdens, as He has said, “Cast your burdens upon Me, those who are heavily laden... and I will give you rest.” And as we all know, when there’s rest, there’s peace.

September 15, 2015

Pain as My Teacher

Nobody is immune to pain that’s why many flee from it in different ways – drugs, alcohol, food, vices – doing whatever they can just to avoid being hurt, escape from struggles, deny grief, and cover the wounds. However, I have observed that the more we run away from it, the more it pursues us until it catches up with us and inflict us where we are weakest. When we live our lives constantly trying to avoid pain, we will never learn from what life has to teach us.

So I have learned to allow pain to be my teacher. It takes a strong and brave heart to embrace pain. Yet this strength and courage is the only to gain from what could be a loss. As I allow pain to speak to me, I learn from its dark and uncomfortable wisdom. And as I learn from the pain, I know that my spirit is tested, as gold is tested in fire. And with each test comes the hope that a stronger, braver and wiser me will emerge from the ruins.

A Worthy Award For The Talented

For someone who knew nothing about saxophones, I was pretty surprised when I was tasked in our group to buy one. I recently joined a committee service wherein we would hold programs for the elderly from time to time. The head of our committee wanted to have a contest with saxophone playing, and the grand prize was a new instrument.

Because I knew this was serious stuff and not something I should take lightly, I read and watch videos about this instrument prior to buying. I did this for weeks until I concluded the type of saxophone that the winner would enjoy should he get the prize. The contest has come and gone and the instrument is together with its new owner now.

August 5, 2015

Flamingo the love dance and the graceful birds

In Spain Flamingo is a dance of courtship and love. It is always danced at gatherings to enliven it. In ancient times Flamingo was started at Andalucia, Spain from the music of the Andalusian and the dance styles of Romani music. Flamingo dancing then spread far and wide even reaching and becoming popular in Japan. The UN community even gave it a title for the Heritage of Humanity as the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible.

The dance was born in Spain yet the bird can be found mostly in Africa South America and in Southern Europe’s warm areas and also in Western Asia. The Flamingo as a dance or as the birds can reach far and beyond connecting territories. They are spread across the four continents in places that are warm and can easily make blood hot ready for love and romance. The flamingo dance closely resembles the way Flamingo birds interact with each other to signal courtship and mating.